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Be nice or no god-awful champagne....

Yay for the new icon!

I'm finally updating my journal...heh heh.

I saw one of the best, yet disturbing, movies ever. It's called Thirteen. I highly recommend it yet it is R and very VERY VERY intense. As in I don't recommend it to anyone under the age of....16. I really loved it. It's about this young girl who is a very good student and dresses kind of childish. Yet she yearns to be friends with all the popular girls who hang out with boys and dress skimply at times. By stealing a wallet she proves herself to Evie, the most popular girl in the school. They soon become inseperable. Yet Tracy's mom starts to see a change in her daughter and finds it incredibly disturbing. Soon Tracy won't even listen to her mother and is either drunk or high every night she comes home. Tracy mom tries desperately to find why her daughter has changed so rapidly all the while trying to support her family.

It was really sad but, as I said before, amazingly good.

"Monkey? Where?" ~Alex
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