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Kiss me good-bye, I'm defying gravity!

I DID IT!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!! I'm so amazingly brilliant that I found out how to create a picture background! Well actually...no I'm not because everybody else knew how when I was going "Wait..um..no..what?" Yay! I'm so excited. I've been jumping around my room celebrating! So, how does it look? I like it...no wait...I LOVE IT!

I know the colors are a bit off but that's because I had to use the old system and do EVERYTHING over again. I plan on trying to figure out how to get the headers back to the normal color but that might take a while...So wish me luck!

Defy Gravity!
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oh cool I like how it looks just the way it is! I'm mad cuz I had pippin on my background but now he's gone and I can't get him to come back! guess I didn't give him enough pints. sigh.
Do you need help getting it back? It's actually...sort of easy...??? :)
no, I don't really care... I know all you have to do is put in the url thingy but I've done it three times and each time it stays for a couple days and then goes away. I think it might be the picture...oh whelk.