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Wickedly Yours

"horrors", abhorsen, acting, adam pascal, aida, alanis morissette, animals, anthony rapp, apple pie, astrology, astronomy, bad spelling, baths, bbqs, being childish, biking, billy boyd, birds, black nailpolish, boq, british accents, british actors, broadway, calendars, carole shelley, cats, comedy, comfort, dancing, dancing through life, dear old nanny, dear old shiz, defying gravity, diana wynne jones, doctor dillamond, donkey, drawing, eating, ella enchanted, elphaba, elves, faeries, fanfiction, fantasy, fiyero, flashlights, fly my pretties, flying, food, frex, futurama, galinda, garth nix, gershwin theater, gingerbread man, ginny weasley, glinda, gollum, green, gregory maguire, harry potter, hollywood records, hot water, humor, hyperness, ice cream, idina menzel, immaturity, independence, jack sparrow, jk rowling, joel grey, jrr tolkien, kissing jessica stein, kristin chenoweth, lillith fair, lirael, little black dress, lord of the rings, manuel herrera, melena, michelle federer, minuet, mirror mirror, monkeys, movies, munchkinland, music, my computer, my precious, mystical creatures, nessarose, new york, norbert leo butz, obsessing, orange juice, painting, photos, piano, pippin, playbill, playing, poetry, potc, reading, remus lupin, rent, rollerblading, ron weasley, sabriel, sarcasm, shiny things, sirius black, skating, sleeping, smeagol, snakes, soccer, soundtracks, stars, summer, sunshine, sushi, swimming, taye diggs, the fabulous four, turtle heart, water, watercolor pencils, wicked, william youmans, writing